The Material

Earth, fire, air and water, those are the elements that have always dominated the ancient art of preparing and working lime. There is something magical in picking up a stone from the earth, heating it with fire, rendering its plasticity with water, and working it in order to regain its solidity back to its original form under the influence of air. That is lime: a unique material which has been known to be utilized for generations and which has been wisely worked according to the rules and secrets that have been passed on through the ages.


 Origin and development

Lime is a very ancient material used by many populations throughout the world for more then 5000 years to build and protect structures that remain in existence today despite the weathering of time and the footprint of man’s existence. Our ancestors were keen observers of all of the chemical processes that operate in nature and they noticed the qualities and the versatility of this material. Great suggestions of the making of lime were passed on to us through the ages by Caius Plinius Secundus, (Pliny the Elder), who tells us for example that lime, after made in liquid form, must be covered with a thin layer of water and then aged into holding tanks for a period of two years. The product obtained from this process is very plasticized, workable, and can be mixed with other inert ingredients and interactive aggregates that make it acquire very specific qualities such as: hydraulicity, mechanical resistance and permeability which in turn give this material the beneficial properties that make it the ideal product for use in many environments ranging from dry, damp, humid to wet. What was only noticed by our ancestors as trial & error- has been tested today by modern laboratories such as ours that give the results of a true, tried & tested way of applying lime, specially in the restoring field, where the use of chemical cements or chemical adhesives is extremely harmful, because it avoids the breathability of the walls.




In our most recent and present modern age some rumours have been spread about mortars, paints and plasters made of Lime, mentioning that they would not be compatible with the current aggressive atmospheric conditions that we experience today. This is without doubt an inaccurate and false pretense with no foundation or credibility to prove otherwise. In fact hydraulic aggregates and natural adhesives enforce the walls, making them resistant to water and chemical aggression exactly in the same way as the chemical cements. Moreover, in case of indoor usage, natural lime sanitizes the whole enviroment thanks to its own antibacterial properties. It is common knowledge also, that modern paintings and limes with a chemical base along with other pollutants are the main causes of degenerative illnesses. Preserving and bringing back to light the ancient knowledge of the populations who preceded us and the firm will to make it immortal is a concept that inspires us since the day our company was born. For this reason, since our beginnings, we have gathered, studied and researched the criterias of our ancestors which today allow us to implement a true bio-ecological product line that is resistant to the weathering of time while achieving fine aesthetic detail that has been proven within the arts of the ages that remain in existence today.


 The material

High quality products can only be obtained through a deep knowledge of the matter. In our four generations of making lime we have gained a true, tried and tested knowledge of the materials along with the large capacity of our ageing system that allow us to make truly outstanding bio-ecological products that other companies only pretend to make.

 Modern technologies

From the old-world philosophy of a country that lives and learns from the evidence of the ages, our company utilizes modern machinery with advanced technology that allows us to progress on our ancestors knowledge in order to make products which are 100% enviroment friendly.




One of the main goals of our company is to spread and share information about the importance of the ancient materials and their applied techniques for the benefit of use in today’s structures. Therefore we often work as a sponsor in partnership with Universities and Academies of Fine Arts to organize meetings, workshops, seminars, etc., at our facility.


Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and works constantly to monitor the quality of our products and to improve and enrich the range of our products.



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