Bio-ecological mineral lime based Primer

“A good final result is always achieved after a perfect application of the first base coat primer”


Ready to use bio-ecological mineral paste made only by cream of slaked lime aged 36 months, selected marble dust and natural organic binders. To be applied as a primer and base coat on non uniform surfaces or surfaces previously treated with chemical paints in preparation for the application of the finishing cycle.


Natural mineral product with high adhesive capacity. Breathable, highly resistant to bacterium, mildew, moulds. Stable while aging with time, non-breaking, purely bio-ecological.


Cream of slaked lime aged 36 months then sifted through a mesh of 900 micro-stitches per cmq, micro selected marble dust, natural earth colorants, natural resins and natural binders.


To be used for indoor and outdoor applications, for old buildings (restoration) or new buildings (bio-building). It is used mainly to make walls absorbing and aesthetically uniform before finishing them with Colorcalce, Marmocalce or Pittura San Gennaro.


On a new traspirating lime based surface indoor or outdoor: Mix Rasocalce with the help of a stainless steel spatula then mist the surface using clean water where it becomes damp. When damp enough, apply the product uniformly with a stainless steel trowel. If the wall is not uniform after drying, it is possible to add an additional coat to level the wall until a maximum thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Always wait until a layer is dry before the application of the next. After a complete application of Rasocalce, slightly sand the wall with fine sandpaper. Afterward wipe the whole wall with a damp cloth/towel then start the finishing cycle with Colorcalce, Marmocalce or Pittura San Gennaro. On old coats both indoor or outdoor previously treated with chemical paints: clean the whole wall carefully with sandpaper to eliminate all traces of chemical substances then remove dust, mist the surface to make it damp enough and then applying more layers of Rasocalce to reach at least 1 mm of thickness. The thickness of Rasocalce has two functions: the first is to cover the residue of the old chemical traces in order to avoid the emission of toxic substances in the environment; the second is to create an absorbing support to be finished with bio-ecological paint or plaster (Colorcalce, Marmocalce, Pittura San Gennaro). Always sand the wall slightly using fine sandpaper uniformly on the whole surface before starting with the final finishing cycle.


Imagine the walls like lungs that need to breathe in order to stay alive. This is a healthy structure. Conventional adhesives, glues, resins, polymers and other added chemical & synthetic additives in mass-marketed finishes suffocate the structure and breed all sorts of environmental and hygienic hazards to the inhabitants within a structure. Rasocalce (in conjunction with other products in the igea calce line) is your final result in priming wall and ceiling systems that are designed to accomplish a truly bio-ecological solution that is 100% hygienically sound for its intended occupants.


Rasocalce has a high adhesive capacity so it can be used on both new walls and old walls that have been previously treated with chemically added paints and plasters as well as on cardboxes and wood.

Technical data

  • Fire reaction: Class 0
  • Look: Smooth
  • Application temperature: Between +5°C and +32°C
  • Indicative productivity: 1kg of product per 1 mq coverage at 1mm thickness
  • Colours available: White
  • Packaging: available in 25 kg buckets net weight.


Do not apply the product on hot walls, under continuous direct sunlight or on a windy day.
In order to keep the product from drying out and store for long periods cover the material by adding a layer of water that only coats the material in the bucket. Make sure to close the bucket very well and keep in a cool and dry place.

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Igea Calce declines all responsibilities in case of wrong application of the product or its mixing and manipulation with other products.

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