Fine bio-ecological plaster for smooth & marble-like finishes.

“Remembrances of the Renaissance age seen through the pulse of a marble vein”


Ready to use fine bio-ecological lime plaster in paste used to obtain smooth, high-sheen marble-like finishes typical of the reinassance period.


Cream of slaked lime aged 48 months- sifted through a mesh of 900 microstitches per cmq, composed of selected micro-marble sands, natural resins, natural binders, and natural earth colorants.


It is a purely bio-ecological mineral product with a high aesthetical effect, stable while beautifying with age, and a highly breathable plaster that resists mildews, molds, and bacterium while obtaining a high adhesive capacity.


Marmocalce can be used indoor and outdoor on both old (restoration) and new structures (bio architecture) in order to obtain smooth and reflective or semi-reflective finishes that represent the illustrious, bold look of marble that doesn’t fade through aging.


Mix the product well in a bucket always using a stainless steel spatula or stainless steel mixing tool, then apply it with a stainless steel american trowel. Upon applying the first layer, be careful not to burnish by over-passing already applied areas with the trowel. When the first coat is completely dry, go on with applying the second coat. The number of coats will be decided by the artisan according to the tone, depth, dimensional character, and richness of the color he wants to achieve in order to obtain the desired aesthetical effect. The final burnishing for a normal or mirror-like sheen shall be obtained by passing over the Marmocalce repeatedly with the same stainless steel trowel used for the application. First and foremost before this final process the plaster should be not completely dry but also not humid or damp as the plaster can pull or flake-off when attempting to burnish.


Being Marmocalce an endurable and everlasting finish, it requires that the support’s coat must be well aged and solid.
For a proper Marmocalce application on new or old walls with a troweled or floated finish it is suggested to apply one or more coats of Rasocalce to level the wall in order to attain an uniformed absorption which leads to a minor cosumption of the product and beautiful aesthetical effects.

Technical Data

  • Fire reaction: Class 0
  • Look: Shiny and smooth
  • Application temperature: Between +5°C and +32°C
  • Indicative productivity: 0.5 – 0.6 kg per 1 squared meter on a coat made with Rasocalce
  • Colors available: white and other 20 colors (see Igea’s color swatch)
  • Packaging: available in buckets of 6kg and 20kg net weight


Do not apply the product on hot walls, under continuous direct sunlight or on a windy day. The product has an extensive shelf life if stored correctly.
In order to keep the product from drying out and store for long periods cover the material by adding a layer of water that only coats the material in the bucket and keep in a cool and dry place.

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Igea Calce declines all responsibilities in case of wrong application of the product or its mixing and manipulation with other products.

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