Bioecological coloured finishing plaster

“The charme of an home lays in the refinement of its finishes”


Coloured plaster in cream for indoor and outdoor usage to be applied on transpirating lime-or lime-cement based mortars.


Ready to use bioecological mineral product, made only of 24 months aged slaked lime cream, natural earth colourants, selected marble dust and organic binders.


Intocolorcalce’s main quality is the high breathability thanks to the presence of a high percentage of cream of slaked lime. Resistant to mildew, molds and bacterium, the cream of slaked lime is one of the best disinfectants that exist in nature. Therefore, its presence in Intocolorcalce is a guarantee of its sanitizing qualities. Resistant of atmospheric agents, the reaction of the carbonization of the lime progresses slowly as the characteristics of chemical and mechanical resistance improve with time to the benefit of the finish. The exclusive use of natural earth colorants avoids any changing in the color’s integrity which is mainly caused by long exposure to UV rays and preserves Intocolorcalce’s original and inimitable coloring.

Technical data

  • Thickness of the grains: 0,6 mm thickness for each grain. Productivity: 1 kg per 1 sq. meter for a layer of 1 mm of thickness.
  • Minimum thickness of application: 3mm
  • Look: rough matt if finished with rubber float
  • Application temperature: between +5° C and +32° C on support
  • Fire reaction: class 0
  • Colours: white and other 20 colours (see Igea’s color swatch)
  • Packaging: available in 25 kg buckets net weight


It is preferable that Intocolorcalce be applied on a transpirating surface with the characteristic of a higher permeability. Before applying Intocolorcalce, mist the surface using clean water. When damp enough, apply the product uniformly with a stainless steel trowel. The first coat as a simple troweled smooth finish.
For best results it is suggested to apply at least two coats of the product. Always wait until a layer is dry before the application of a next coat.
After slightly drying mist the first coat and apply the second coat which can be finished typically with a trowel or even the use of a rubber float in order to make the wall look aged and rustic.
The artisan can be as creative as desired, for instance- after applied by a stainless steel trowel, later burnish for a polished effect if sheen is the ultimate goal.


Do not add cement to the product. Do not apply on old conventional plasters or any plasters previously treated with chemical synthetics. Do not apply the product on hot walls, under continuous direct sunlight or on a windy day.
In case of a large surface it is suggested to work in smaller portions of the wall utilizing technical cuts with adhesive tape. Once one portion is finished, remove the tape to confer a superficial and continuous aspect and keep working on another section until the whole wall is complete.
Due to its natural composition, Intocolorcalce’s intensity of the color may slightly vary from stock to stock at different dates of production, so in case of large projects, it is suggested to buy the total amount needed beforehand to prevent any potential color miscalculations
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Igea Calce declines all responsibilities in case of wrong application of the products or its mixing and manipulation with other products.

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