Bio ecological lime based Paint

"The strenght of colours that resist the challenge of time"


Bio ecological slaked lime based paint aged 60 months. To be used for indoor works.


Slaked lime cream aged 60 months then sifted in sieves with 900 micro-stitches per cmq. The product is then mixed with natural colourant earths. Once applied the product keep its brightness for years avoiding any changing of colour’s intensity which is mainly caused by long exposure to light. The product is totally free from any chemical addiction.


The support’s surface must be solid, dried, absorbing and with no traces of oil, grease, caliumnitrates or dust. The first layer of plaster on the plain wall must be exclusively composed only of lime.

Technical Data

  • Weight: 1150kg/m3
  • Dilution: 20%-30% clean water
  • Ph: 12
  • Hygroscopicity: excellent
  • Carbonization time: Ca.30 days
  • Fire reaction: class 0
  • Look: matt
  • Application temperature: between +5°C and +32°C on support
  • Indicative productivity: 1kg of product for 8 squared meters on a common support
  • Colours available: white and other 20 colours (see color swatch)
  • Packaging: available in buckets of 5kg and 15kg net weight


On a new plaster coat previously finished by a trowel or rubber float: Mix the product well prior to usage then applying it with a brush. When applying more than one coat, make sure to wait until each coat is completely dry before applying the next coat. .
On a new plaster coat previously finished by blade: If the support is homogeneous just apply the product on it. If the support has to be made homogeneous use only Igea’s RASOCALCE first (see chart) then apply 2 or 3 Colourcalce’s layers with a brush. When applying more than one coat, make sure to wait until each coat is completely dry before applying the next coat. On old walls previously finished with chemical products: clean the whole wall carefully with sandpaper then applying at least 1 mm of Rasocalce before finishing the wall with Colourcalce.


The natural composition made of 60 months aged slaked lime mixed with pigments makes Colourcalce a unique biological paint for indoor usage. Its high breathability (specially if applied on transpirating surfaces) is Colourcalce’s main characteristic along with the quality of being resistant to the weathering of time and UV rays and the capacity of avoiding the growth of any bacterium, mildews and mould. These fine qualities made of Colourcalce the most acclaimed bio paint in the new market of bio architecture. Colourcalce is an indispensable product in the restoring field and in all the applications in use to enrich the building with that veined, solid and recognizable aged look.


Light & dark shadows or nuances are Lime’s aesthetical characteristics. The intensity of the colour depends on the coat’s thickness and on the absorption properties of the wall and its porosity. It is suggested to check the intensity of the coat’s colour once the products is completely dried.
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Igea Calce declines all responsibilities in case of wrong application of the products or its mixing and manipulation with other products.

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